Thursday, April 30, 2009

Upcoming Exhibition: Inside My Head

If you are in the Los Angeles area, check out the California African American Museum's upcoming exhibit Inside My Head: Intuitive Artists of African Descent. Says the CAAM:

"Inside My Head showcases the work of 32 contemporary artists of African descent who have developed a mature style in an intuitive manner. The exhibition explores pure artistic creativity and validates the connection to ethnic-specific traditions and ways of doing."

Featured in the exhibit is one of the Bay Area's artistic treasures, Karen Seneferu (her equally talented husband Malik Seneferu is also featured), debuting one of her uniquely handcrafted sculptural dolls entitled Two Degrees.

Seneferu says the piece is influenced by artist Renee Stout's Fetish II, and was intended as a response and dialogue to Stout's work, as well as "the spiritual projection of Yoruba's Inkisi."

Two Degrees links to the past through futuristic means: an ipod implanted in the sculpture's belly. "The iPod takes on various measures of I and Pod. It stores the souls of people of African descent through numerous pictures...each person, political figures, activists, instructors, students, and people on the street as individuals in his or her own right."

Seneferu's piece will also include the installation of an altar which promises to be a powerful fusion of modern technology and African spirit and history. Of her body of work, Karen says "I make ancestral relics, entities that preside over those who don't recognize their beauty or are in need of protection. I focus on the ways that fragmented parts, memories are retrievable. Now, technology allows me to reach into the past."

Inside My Head will be on display at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles from May 7th until September 27th, and features 32 amazing artists. For more info, check out:

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