Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Next Up: The Girlblue Project

About 3 years ago I started a project that was very special to me. Fed up with narrow stereotypes about who Black women are--what music we listen to, how we dress, how we speak, etc.--I decided to create a book featuring the stories and photos of Black women who had been labeled as "outside the norm." This project allowed me to interview, photograph, and review biographical essays from a group of amazing, strong, and wonderful women. The book hasn't materialized (yet) and although I did release a zine to preview the project, I've had all these amazing photos and stories just sitting on my hard drive begging to be shared. Maybe one day they will take on the form they were originally intended to, but in the meantime I would like to share them in all their glory here on Black Butterfly. Periodically I'll be featuring Girlblue stories, beginning with one of my favorite submissions: Najah Monique Todd. Enjoy.

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