Monday, February 23, 2009

Artist Profile: Fafi

OMG, its Fafi! This is one artist who can reduce me to a giggly fan-girl. Her pieces, mostly of lovely women and cute animals, are cute, airy confections with a bit of street toughness mixed in for good measure.

Born in Toulouse, France, Fafi entered the art world graffiti style, as her adorable creations began to grace French walls everywhere. According to Fafi's bio, "by exploring feminity through stereotypes, and using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans."
Fafi continued her meteoric rise within the pop art scene by designing collections for Adidas and LeSportsac, and also creating vinyl toys. I was so happy to get my hands on a great Fafi LeSportsac tote at Bloomingdale's in early 2007. It travels with me everywhere, the colors are a great pick-me-up, and you never have to worry about not knowing which piece of luggage is yours at baggage claim!

Fafi's work is an inspiration. She's so unique and definitely has her own style. Check out this wonderful video that Adidas did with Fafi a couple years ago for their ad campaign. And check out more of Fafi's work at

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